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Over time the electrical cabling in your roof deteriorates and can become a serious hazard. 

It’s not uncommon for us to see houses in Townsville that have not been rewired for 50 years – sometimes 80 years! Homes with the following products are at high risk of causing electrocution or electrical fire:

Porcelain fuses

Check your switchboard to see if you have this outdated equipment. Cracked or dislodged porcelain fuses constantly cause faults and they are unsafe compared to their modern counterparts. It is likely an old circuitry system with ceramic fuses will not have the capacity to handle the load required by numerous modern appliances and pumps.

Vulcanised Indian Rubber cabling (VIR)

This type of electrical wiring hasn’t been installed in homes since the 1970s and we see it most often in old Queenslanders and miners’ cottages. The danger with VIR is the insulation; it breaks downs and leaves live wire exposed posing a significant house fire risk. 

If your home has not been rewired for 50 years you should prioritise a full rewire and safety switch upgrade.

Signs your electrical switch wiring may need urgent replacement

Does your home have any of these safety issues?

If your home is more than thirty years old, you may need house rewiring.

Our licensed electricians can quickly determine if your house has hazardous cables. If you have noticed any of the following issues, your home’s electrical switch wiring / electrical outlet wiring may no longer be safe and may need urgent electrical rewiring for your safety.

Have you noticed:

  • Tingling, buzzing sound, heat or sparks coming from an outlet or switch?
  • Circuit breakers often tripping out?
  • Fuses that often blow?
  • Difficulty plugging appliances into outlets?
  • Deteriorated or black cabling? 
  • Flickering or dimming lights?

Important notice: if you feel a tingle or shock when you touch an outlet, please notify Ergon Energy immediately. This is a major health risk and a serious hazard that should be acted on quickly.

If you are still unsure we recommend you arrange an Electrical Health Check with us. We will conduct a safety check of your property and provide a report on each electrical asset in your home flagging the most urgent safety concerns. Our Electrical Health Check report gives you a clear indication of what is required to resolve the electrical issues in your home so that you can prioritise and budget for necessary upgrades.

Townsville's home rewiring and electrical wiring services specialists

Centrally located in Gulliver, Townsville, Mountain Man Electrical has been providing the highest quality electrical wiring services and other electrical services to homeowners and businesses in Townsville for over a decade.

With a friendly and trustworthy team of highly qualified electrical maintenance specialists, we ensure safe, compliant and thorough electrical wiring services for both residential and commercial spaces.

Our vast experience and commitment to ongoing professional training make us the perfect choice for all your home’s wiring, rewiring, and safety check needs.

Qualified professional electricians with decades of experience

Every qualified electrician within our team at Mountain Man Electrical is experienced in electrical safety, electrical installation, house wiring and rewiring services. We take your safety seriously and provide thorough, safe and fully compliant electrical work every time.

Each of our electrical team is experienced and qualified in domestic wiring and safety, including:

  • Home electrical wiring services
  • Electrical outlet wiring
  • Electrical switch wiring
  • Light switch wiring
  • Complete house rewiring services
  • House wiring safety checks
  • Electrical system safety checks
  • Power points safety checks
  • Identifying and taking care of faulty wiring and hazards
  • Electrical installations

Whether it’s checking your house wiring, installing new electrical services, investigating an issue with electrical appliances or completely replacing your house wiring, switches and outlets, you can trust us to make sure that all electrical work and safety checks we do are thorough, quality and reliable.

Get in touch with us today to book a safety check of your home, or get a quote for a home rewiring service with a professional electrician within our team.

What's involved in electrical home rewiring?

Here’s what to expect with electrical rewiring services

Just like all electrical wiring services, electrical home rewiring needs to be completed by a certified electrician. Even if you are handy around the house, there is a huge amount of risk (both a legal risk and a risk of electrocution or fatality) with electrical wiring if done by anyone other than a trained electrician who is experienced and qualified in electrical work.

Here’s what you can expect during the electrical home rewiring process.

An electrician installing security cameras.

Inspection and quote

An experienced electrician will inspect and quote a full rewire for your property.

We discuss what you would like to achieve with your electrical system as a whole, including the appliances you intend to add to the system, your safety concerns and any additions or renovations you may be planning.

A friendly Mountain Man electrician climbing a ladder.

Home rewiring process

Mountain Man Electrical then uses a team of qualified electricians to conduct your electrical rewiring efficiently.

We install all new electrical wiring, cabling, switches, power outlets, light fittings and ceiling fans.

We upgrade your switchboard with safety switches (RCDs) – the latest technology in electrocution protection, on all final sub-circuits, which may include lights, power, air con, and hot water. 

A Mountain Man Electrician installing security lighting on a building exterior.

Wrap up

We take pride in leaving your property as we found it – only much more functional and with the peace of mind that all hazardous wiring has been eliminated. 

Why is House Rewiring Important?

Electrical wiring services that are up to date with safety requirements are crucial for maintaining the safety and functionality of your home. As technology progresses, so do our power needs.

With the growing number of devices and appliances in modern households, electrical outlet wiring and light switch wiring must be up-to-date to handle the demands safely.

Proper electrical switch wiring can prevent unexpected power surges, protect your devices, and significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires.

An important safety note

If your home is an older home in Townsville, and your wiring has not been upgraded (or you are not sure if it has been upgraded), there may be some significant hazards with your home’s electrical wiring.

We have seen many homes in the Townsville region that have not been rewired for 50-80 years. This can be a major issue because 50-80 years ago, there were a few different electrical products that have not aged well and present significant risk of electrocution or electrical fire.

Vulcanised Indian Rubber cabling (VIR) and porcelain fuses are two examples of these products.

In addition to these products, over time, there are many things that can happen to electrical power points, electrical wiring and electrical power points, outlet and light switch wiring, from damage to ageing. If you have an older home, it’s recommended that you get an electrical safety check. An experienced electrician is able to identify some of these risks and let you know if you have any urgent areas that need addressing.

Additionally, if you’ve experienced any of the hazard risk indicators that we noted above under ‘Signs your electrical switch wiring may need urgent replacement, you likely need to take urgent action via experienced and qualified electrical contractors like our team here at Mountain Man Electrical, or even with an emergency service like Ergon Energy.

Safety switches save lives and are compulsory in Queensland

Since 1992 in Queensland, it has been compulsory to install safety switches on all power circuits in new homes. A power circuit is connected to your general power outlets; a home will typically have two of these (depending on the size and floor plan). At Mountain Man Electrical, we strongly encourage you to install a safety switch on EVERY final subcircuit. These means, in addition to the required safety switches on your power circuits we will also install a safety switch on your lighting, air conditioning, hot water, stove and oven circuit. 

How to check if your safety switch is working properly

  1. Go to your switchboard and press the TEST or “T” button*
  2. The switch should flick off if it is working. If it does not flick off call us for an Electrical Health Check

*If the safety switches in your switchboard do not have a test button then they are probably circuit breakers. These are not the most advanced technology in electrocution prevention and you should have a licensed electrician advise you on upgrading your system.

Investing in your property

A complete home rewire is a considerable undertaking, but it is one that will add value to your property if your existing wiring is outdated.

Here’s why a complete house re wiring project can be a great investment for an older property:

  • Makes houses more attractive to potential new buyers, particularly for new homes
  • Reduces the risk that hazards present of electrical incidents for your personal safety
  • Reduces the risk of an electrical wiring issue causing a fire
  • Reduces the risk of electrical equipment and appliances being damaged due to electrical problems
  • Helps to ensure that your home is power efficient, which can provide savings on your power bill
  • Can prevent costly issues down the track.

Not only does it ensure the safety of your loved ones, but it also future-proofs your home against evolving electrical demands.

Want to know if your house needs a home rewiring service?

If you would like to know if your house wiring needs replacement, if you have electrical hazards or old, outdated electrical work that needs updating, the easiest course of action is to book a safety check with a professional electrician.

In Townsville, Mountain Man Electrical is your go-to for just that. Call us to book in your safety check or to chat to our qualified electricians about your concerns and any questions you have.

Home Rewiring FAQS

Here are some frequently asked questions about electrical wiring services and rewiring services.

Still have questions? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

A complete rewire may begin at approximately $12,000  but can cost as much as wiring a new home, depending on your own requirements, the scope of the project and the multi-varied factors of each property. The cost of rewiring your property depends on the number of rooms and storeys, square footage, ease of access, asbestos in your home and how many dwellings are connected. While there is a cost associated, it’s important to remember that a house rewiring service is an investment in your home and an investment in your safety.

The best answer is to get a professional electrician to conduct a safety test of your property. It’s also important to keep an eye out for any visible signs, changes in functionality and to avoid overloading your power points. One of the biggest safety features you should have are safety switches, which need to be installed for all circuits. If you are unsure, book a safety check today.

If your home was constructed before the 1970s and hasn’t undergone significant electrical upgrades, there’s a high likelihood that porcelain fuses and VIR cabling might be present. VIR cabling is old and hasn’t been used since the 1970s. If you have exposed wiring (perhaps in the attic or basement), VIR cables will often have a black or lead-coloured sheathing. Over time, the rubber insulation on these cables can degrade, leading to exposed wires, which are a major safety hazard.

As a general rule, homes that are over 30 years old should undergo an electrical inspection to determine the need for rewiring. Homes that haven’t been inspected or rewired for over 50 years are especially at risk. Another indicator is if you’re regularly experiencing blown fuses, tripped circuits, or dimming lights, as this may indicate that your wiring system is outdated and struggling to meet current demands. If you’re planning major home renovations, especially those that will increase power usage (like a kitchen upgrade), it’s a good opportunity to assess and update the electrical system if needed. If your home still has two-pronged outlets or old-fashioned light switches, it’s an indicator that the electrical system might be outdated. And finally, if you see any visible wear and tear, like exposed wires, damaged cables, or old-fashioned cotton-insulated wires are all red flags.

Keep your house safe: call us for a safety check on your electrical wiring today

At Mountain Man Electrical, our professional electricians have extensive experience in electrical wiring, electrical outlet wiring, electrical light switch wiring and rewiring services. We are experts in identifying electrical hazards and can provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your home is safe and secure. Give us a call today and book a safety check on your home wiring, or a home rewiring service.