Is your home safe from electrical hazards?

Homes with cracked or faulty outlets, seizing safety switch buttons or malfunctioning smoke alarms are unsafe and overdue for electrical maintenance.
Start by checking these items in your home …
Electrician checking the electrical wiring of a house.

1. Have you had safety switches installed?

Safety switches (RCDs) are lifesaving devices that shut off power to faulty appliances within a fraction of a second. If your home only has one (or none!) we strongly recommend two safety switches – one for power points and another for your light circuit. Safety switches are required by law in Queensland rentals and new builds.
Safety switches are located in your switchboard.
Damaged down light

2. Does your home still have halogen lighting?

Halogen lights are inefficient, dangerous and have not been preferred since 1992. They are a common cause of house fires when not properly installed. If your home has halogen oyster lights or downlights we recommend replacing these with LED lights – they are safe, more reliable and cost less to run.
Smoke alarm

3. Do you have the safest smoke alarm protection?

The best smoke alarm protection for fires is the interconnected photoelectric smoke alarm system in bedrooms and hallways. Queensland is leading the way for smoke alarm safety. By 2022 these systems are required in all dwellings leased and sold and in 5 years time all homes will be expected to have them.
If your smoke alarms are over 10 years old or if they are constantly set off by insects our Townsville electricians can install the right smoke alarm system for our climate.
Man with soot on his face from electrical mishap

4. Are any of your outlets or switches cracked?

Faulty outlets, cracked power points, wonky light buttons can have exposed electrical components, which can electrocute you. These seemingly minor issues should not be overlooked as they can worsen over time.

Book a comprehensive Electrical Health Check

If you know your home requires electrical maintenance our licenced Townsville electricians can make recommendations to remove, replace or repair these hazards.

What's included

  • A qualified electrician will check every electrical asset in your home including equipment, cabling, switchboard, smoke alarms and more to ensure optimal electrical safety.
  • We undertake a functionality test to ensure your electrical system is performing as it is designed.
  • You receive a comprehensive photographic report that will detail the health of each electrical asset and identify its safety rating.
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Safety Assurance

Keep your family and home safe. Know your property is safe and prevent a minor electrical fault from turning into a major roof fire.

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We always opt for products that have superior seals against insects and we choose quality electrical appliances that can withstand the harsh Townsville climate.

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