Switchboard Upgrade

Choose electrical products that will endure Townsville’s harsh climate

The purpose of your switchboard is to safely distribute electricity throughout your home by dividing the main electrical power throughout the circuits in your house. It is vital to keep your residential switchboard up-to-code to protect the people in your home from electrocution and to keep your valuable property and assets protected in the event of an electrical fire. 

If your switchboard is outdated, then you could be vulnerable to fittings catching on fire, housefires and other hazards.

Understanding when to change your switchboard

On average, the electrical components in your switchboard will last approximately 25 years. After this length of time has passed,  your switchboard is very likely to have deteriorated, be unsafe to use, unable to handle the current electrical load of modern appliances and almost certainly will be out of code. 

In Townsville, electrical parts are particularly prone to moisture damage due to our humid climate. That’s why it’s crucial to know when to switch out your board for one that will stand the test of time and won’t cause potential issues within your home.

When should you consider a switchboard upgrade?

A switchboard is in urgent need of an upgrade if it is outdated, deteriorated, poorly installed, or unable to cope with the current energy requirements of your home. If your switchboard has any of these issues get in contact with us today:

  • Your switchboard appears old and deteriorated
  • The mounting panel is made of asbestos 
  • The switchboard has porcelain fuses 
  • The board is mounted in a timber enclosure 
  • You do not have a minimum of two safety switches on your circuit breakers
  • You have significantly added to the electrical load in your home e.g. installing an air conditioner, new solar panels, a pool or spa pumps, etc. 
  • The switchboard is overcrowded with additional circuits

If your switchboard needs to be relocated to a different part of the house then you should also consider an upgrade at this time.

What’s involved with a potential switchboard upgrade?

There is a lot we can tell simply by looking at your switchboard. If you take a photo of your switchboard and send it through for a consultation, we can view the switchboard and begin to determine the current state of it and what the next steps should be. 

If your switchboard is relatively new and in good shape, and you want to ensure that it is up-to-code, we can upgrade the circuit breakers to safety switches, and keep the existing enclosure. This allows you to save on the cost of replacing the whole switchboard, while still ensuring safety within your home.

Handling outdated switchboards or asbestos switchboards

If you are planning a relocation of your switchboard, or if you require a full upgrade,or even if there is any asbestos present, we will arrange a site visit to quote your work. In the case of old units, our expert technicians can identify and bag asbestos switchboard panels and appropriately handle its disposal. Leave the difficult parts to the experts, and we’ll handle it all, leaving you with the peace of mind knowing your new switchboard has been perfectly set up.

Why trust your switchboard upgrade with Mountain Man Electrical?

Hassle-free experience

On rare occasions, a switchboard upgrade requires involvement from Ergon Energy. Mountain Man Electrical submits all of your paperwork with Ergon and can liaise with them throughout the job to ensure your installation is compliant. This is critical for the resale value of your home and will allow you to sit back while we take care of it all.

Product Warranty

Mountain Man Electrical is proud to offer a lifetime guarantee on the workmanship of our switchboard upgrades. That’s how confident we are that we’ll get the job done right. All electrical components in your switchboard have a 25 year product warranty.

Excellent safety recommendations

Mountain Man Electrical have undertaken hundreds of switchboard upgrades in Townsville and t isn’t uncommon for us to replace switchboards that are 30+ years old. When we upgrade your switchboard, we always recommend putting safety switches on all final sub-circuits. This offers maximum electrocution protection for people and animals. Currently, the requirement is to have a minimum of two safety switches, but this standard is subject to change. 

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